Robert Nichols Sgt.

U.S. Air Force Oct. 1965 to March 1969

Air Force Commendation

Presidential Unit Citation

Air Force Outstanding unit with V for Valor

Air Force Good Conduct

National Defense

Vietnam Service Medal with 4 Bronze campaign stars

Air Force Small Arms Expert

Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal


Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand. April 1968-March 1969, Assigned to the 355 Tactical Fighter Wing, 41st Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron, the 355th TFW, were the first Wild Weasels as seen on the History Channel Suicide Missions. 

Also as seen on Suicide Missions Forward Air Controllers, the episode about BAT- 21 the rescue was about an EB-66 Navigator with the 42nd TEWS our sister Squadron at Takhli for more information on BAT-21 www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/history/rescue/res13a.htmm.  The movie BAT- 21 with Gene Hackman was about this rescue. 

The 41st and 42nd TEWS, mission was radar jammers and seekers, find and jam enemy Anti Aircraft Artillery, Surface to Air missiles (SAMS)  our Aircraft were EB-66, Destroyers by Douglas Aircraft. Nick named the Super Souie. The other Aircraft in the 355th were F-105s which we called Nickels, the Pilots and air crews called Thuds, F-111s we had no nick name.

This site has more than you'll ever want to know about the roll of the EB-66 and Tactical Electronic Warfare during the Vietnam War.   www.cyberlinkcommunications.net/military/

Basic Training at Lackland AFB Texas 

Sheppard AFB Texas, 76th Student Squadron for tech school Aircraft Mechanic 43131C 

Edwards AFB California, 6515 Field Maintenance Squadron. 

This is where all the major work is done and modifications, also handled the tire shop, and crash recovery. Edwards AFB is the Air Force Flight Test Center. I was present at the X-15 setting the world speed record. The XB -70 Valkyrie mach 3+ the lifting body which was used to study reentry which is now used in the space shuttle. The SR-71 the worlds fastest Aircraft mach 3.5+. F-111, and Harrier among other projects. 

At Edwards passed 43151C Aircraft mechanic test. School for F-111 Ejection seat and Module. TDY to George AFB for F-104 Starfighter training. Passed 43171C on F-104s. Became NCOIC (Non commissioned Officer in charge) of the tire shop. Where I instituted major changes to the layout of the shop to facilitate more production and easier working conditions. These changes must have been sufficient because 10 years later I attended an open house at Edwards and the shop was still the same no noticeable difference.

Promoted to rank of Sergeant 

Shaw AFB South Carolina for training passed (EB-66 TAC/SEA Maint Training) 43171C March 1968.

Other Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base web sites. These are about the 355th TFW at Takhli lots of good pictures, stories and information on the Viet Nam era. Maybe you'll find a friend.




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